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Designing Online Learning Environment : ADDIE Model and Web-Based Learning 

How could we design an effective Web-based learning environment using ADDIE model ? 
ADDIE framework is approximately 40 years old. It dates back to the birth of instructional design. There are more than 100 different ID models, but almost all are based on the generic "ADDIE" model, which stands for Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. The ADDIE model is an interactive instructional design process, where the results of the formative evaluation of each phase may lead the instructional designer back to any previous phase. Therefore, the end product of one phase is the starting product of the next phase (Kulvietiene & Sileikiene, 2006).
although the ADDIE model can be used by designers of Web-based learning environments, the model must address new questions to be more reliable and effective. These new questions must be address in order to meet the challenge associated with the design of Web-based learning environment .Some of theses new questions that are: 
What do faculties need in order to present materials online and what should they consider when doing so?
·     What technology skills do the learners possess?
·     How are people with disabilities accommodated?
·     What are the available and accessible technologies?
·     How is interactivity accommodated?
·     What is the best interface design given the learning goals and objectives?
·     What learner and instructor support are needed for successful implementation?
·     What are the appropriate Web evaluation measures?
·     What are the appropriate Web data collection strategies?

 By addressing these new questions, I think the ADDIE instructional design modelwill be able to face all challenges as will as providing a dynamic, flexible guideline for building effective web -based learning environment that is promoting interactivity.
For more detials about the useing of ADDIE model in the development of the web-based learning environment  refer to the following link:

What are the essential skills of a successful online instructor ?
 1. Organization;   
Provide clear learning outcomes objectives, and expectation . 
Organize materials and activities clearly and well.   
Identify students’ learning styles/needs . 
Conduct instructional design effort .
Present materials and activities.
Provide a variety of learning activities. 
2 . Interaction ;  
Guide and maintain interactive discussion  & Provide timely feedback.    
Encourage peer learning.   
Advise and counsel students .
Monitor and evaluate student performance .  
Facilitate presentation  . 
Introduce support services to students.  
Utilize technology in a competent manner. 
5. Content knowledge; 
Master in content area.
Aquired teamwork skills.   
Collaborate with technical/support skills.


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